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King’s Genius Brass Saddlebred Door Stop Circa 1938


King’s Genius was one of the greatest Saddlebred sires of all time. The doorstop was designed and sculptured by Calvin Roy Kinsler, and signed with his initials on the back. This item is a wonderful collectible which will hold its value.

The Manufacturer’s name, Rife-Loth Corp, Waynesboro, VA, is embossed on the back, and Kings Genius is embossed on the front of the base.

Weighs around 6 lbs.

Size is 11.75” high at the ears. Base is 11.5” long, 3” wide, with 2 wedges to slide under a door.

Price includes shipping, or contact me for local pick up pricing at a Lexington, KY area horse event.